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(563) 359-3941

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Get your Pre-Clue points (and a leg up on your competition)!

August 10, 2017

Hey Diamond Dashers!  We're about a week out from the AMAZING and SUPER FUN 8th Annual Diamond Dash!! Yay!! We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Interested in getting ahead of your competition before the Dash even starts?  We thought so!  Well, you're in luck--here's how you do it!

This year there are 3 Pre-Clue Locations.  Head to one, two, or three--whatever works for you, and watch your points pile up! (You get one point per stop, so you could go into the Dash with a 3 point advantage on your competition!)

You have from Friday morning on 8/11/17, until the end of the business day on Friday, 8/18/17 to get to these locations and earn these points.

These pre-Dash points are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! They've separated the winning teams for the last 4 years!  Also, there will be prizes the day of the Dash from some of your pre-clue activities, so don't miss out!

**Be sure to check the hours of the locations you're hitting before you head out!  The websites are here for your convenience:

  1. NECKER'S JEWELERS (Either Davenport or DeWitt location, you only need to hit one).  Scroll down to our website footer for the locations and hours.
  2. KIMBERLY CAR CITY ( or COURTESY CAR CITY MOLINE (  Hit one or the other, no need to hit both.
  3. AMERICAN BANK & TRUST at the following locations: Davenport, Milan, Moline, Rock Island Downtown, and Rock Island Hilltop.  Click here for their phone numbers and hours (

Earning these points is easy!  Hit these locations, when you get there, let them know you're a Diamond Dasher.  They will then explain your Pre-Dash challenge.  Once you complete this task, they will give you a passcode.  

TO GET YOUR POINTS: head to and login using the e-mail and password that you designated when you registered for the Dash. (If you forgot your password, there is a "Forgot Password" link built into the NeckersDash website, so hopefully that should help.  If you still run into issues, e-mail us and we'll get it sorted out.)  

Once you're logged into NeckersDash, on the menu there is a "Pre-Clues" option.  Click on this, then select the location you visited and type in the secret code they gave you.  Once you hit submit, you will see a green check mark to let you know you got your points.  If you see a red X, check your spelling or you're entering the wrong code.

(There is also a "Start Dash" option on the homepage of NeckersDash, but don't try to be sneaky on us--it won't be active until we say "GO!" on Dash day!)

The Diamond Dash is played with your partner/teammate.  Try your hardest to hit these locations with your partner!  However, we understand that sometimes things don't work out as planned, so if only one of you can make it, you can still participate.

Also, if you cannot login to the NeckersDash site, make sure you give us 24 hours from when you registered on to upload your user information to the website—it probably won’t take us this long.  But, this is the number one issue people have with logging in, so please be patient with us.  Thank you!

Happy Pre-Dashing!  See you soon!!