Necker's Jewelers is getting in on the MADNESS!!

March 8, 2019

Necker's is getting in on the MADNESS in 2 ways!!  You have a chance at $1,000,000 & FREE JEWELRY!!!

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  1. Necker's Jewelers Bracket Contest:

  • CLICK HERE to go to our bracket website (from home/anywhere)
  • If you prefer to come into the store instead, you can use your phone (or one of our computers/tablets) to register and have someone help you if needed.
  • You can pre-register now through March 17th (you can't pick teams yet since the teams aren't finalized).
  • Starting on the EVENING of SUNDAY, MARCH 17th, teams are announced and programmed into the bracket site. Everyone who pre-registered will receive an e-mail inviting you to fill out your bracket.
  • The Bracket Contest will LOCK DOWN at 11am on THURSDAY, MARCH 21--so your bracket MUST BE COMPLETED BY THEN!
  • MARCH 21-APRIL 8, you can check the leaderboard after each game to keep track of your bracket.
  • After the conclusion of the tournament--prizes will be determined:
    • If you have a PERFECT BRACKET (all 63 games correct) you'll win $1,000,000! (paid out in a 40 year annuity)
    • If you has 60 or more games correct, you win $1,000 CASH
    • The Necker's Bracket Challenge champion will get a $500 Necker's Jewelers gift card! (person with the most correct bracket)

**Must reside in Iowa or Illinois to enter.

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2. Necker's Jewelers FREE JEWELRY MADNESS!

  • Come in NOW through April 7th & guess the final score of the NCAA Championship game (which is played April 8th).
  • If you guess the score correctly, any purchase you made BETWEEN MARCH 21-APRIL 7 is FREE (up to $10,000).
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