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I recently had an extraordinary shopping experience at Necker's Jewelers. I admired a certain selection for a while and Mary gave me an idea. My ring has The WOW Factor and so does Necker's!Jonna

Sales Team - Davenport

Barb Smith

Barb Smith has been working for Necker's for 8 years and has been in the jewelry industry for over 20. Barb has four grown children, five beautiful grandchildren and a trouble making dog named Bentley.

Barb loves her work and loves being part of her customer's lives and happy events. Whether it is an engagement, an anniversary or "Just because I love her", she enjoys being part of it all.

Barb loves cooking, baking, gardening and decorating. Her favorite television channels are Food Network and HGTV. In her spare time is involved at Harvest Bible Chapel in the women's Bible studies, spending time with her grandchildren and going to the gym.

Carol McAnelly

Carol McAnelly has lived in this area since 1980. She is originally from the Decatur, Illinois, area. Carol has been in the jewelry business for approximately 30 years. She has been employed by Necker's Jewelers for 12 wonderful years.

The thing Carol loves most about her job is having incredible bosses and wonderful co-workers. She enjoys coming to work every day. It is so nice working for a family-owned jewelry store.

Necker's really do care about us, their employees, and their customers. If the customers have a problem, Necker's will always be there for them. We really do want to be your jeweler. She is a long time member of Trinity Lutheran Church. Her greatest joy is her grandchildren.

Carole Oliver

Carole Oliver was born and raised on a farm in Princeton, IA. She has lived with her husband, Ron, on their century farm for 45 years. They have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. They love to travel and sight-see.

Carole has been with Necker's Jewelers for 15 years. She started her jewelry career in the old location in DeWitt and transferred to the Davenport store 9 years ago. What she loves most about her job is the people. It's always fun to wrap a surprise gift for a 'special person.'

Dave taught her to remind customers that "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!" How true!

It is such a privilege to share in people's lives...good times, happy times, and even the sad times.

Cheryl Krebs

Cheryl Krebs grew up in the town of Durant, IA. She has lived in Davenport for past 25 years.

She started working for Necker's 16 years ago at the South Part Mall in Moline and moved to the Davenport store when it opened. Cheryl wanted to work part-time hours selling jewelry and was given that opportunity at Necker's. She has enjoyed all the years and all the happy moments. What Cheryl loves most about her job is the happy moments when someone receives a gift they weren't expecting. The customers are the nicest that shop at Necker's Jewelers.

Her favorite saying is: "I've never had anyone return a diamond because it was too big!"

You would be surprised at how customers you remember after not seeing them for a while. Sometimes you forget the name of them but you will remember the jewelry they have purchased.

Darlene Katherman

Darlene Katherman was born, raised, married (43 years ago) and gave birth to twin sons in Moline, IL. She now lives in Coal Valley, IL. Darlene retired from John Deere in 2001.

She started working for Necker's Jewelers at the South Park Mall 2 weeks prior to her retirement. She has now worked for Necker's for 10 years. What Darlene loves about her job is the people. Necker's management, sales staff and the customers are the best!

Darlene's favorite saying is: "Someone very special is going to love what you have purchased for her or him!"

Necker's Jewelers is an amazing and fun place to work. She loves the opportunity, challenge and joy of helping customers choose beautiful jewelry for all their special occasions in life.

Erika Christensen

Erika has lived in the Quad Cities her whole life. She has been in sales for over 20 years. She has been with the Necker's family for over 10 years. She is a part of the Necker's custom design department, and loves to go boating and fishing with her husband.

Erika is truly amazed how much Neckers has grown..."It is a truly great place to work and I feel very fortunate to work for Dave and DJ Necker...they make me feel like I am one in the family!"

Randy Ruggeberg

Randy Ruggeberg has been with Necker's since January of 2004. He has had an extremely successful and lengthy jewelry career starting in 1973 with management positions at Helzburg's, Samuel Jewelers, and most recently Schneff's. His knowledge and experience speaks volumes from his over 30 years in the jewelry industry.

Randy was born and raised in the Quad-Cities. Graduated from Moline High School and Augustana College.

Randy is married, has five children and four grandchildren. In his spare time he enjoys golf and riding his Harley motorcycle.

Tod Kull

Tod Kull graduated in April, 1987 from the Gemological Institute of America, in residence at the Santa Monica, CA, campus. He began his jewelry career at the AGS Guild jewelry store in Springfield, IL. Tod then moved to manage a jewelry store in Clinton, IA. His talents as a gemologist came to the awareness of David and D.J. Necker. Soon Tod found a permanent home at Necker's in October, 1990. He has been the gemologist at Necker's for over 20 years. Tod's position is store manager in Davenport, IA.

He has three wonderful children, who consume much of his free time. Tod's hobbies include bike riding and hiking.

Pam Toland

Pam Toland is from the DeWitt, IA, area.

She has worked in the jewelry business for 19 years and has worked for Necker's Jewelers for 17 years. What she loves most about her job is meeting different people and assisting them with their purchases.

Pam's favorite saying is, "Go Big or Go Home."

She enjoys the people she works with and loves establishing relationships with customers.
Mary Ernst

Mary Ernst