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9 Interesting Facts About March’s Birthstone, Aquamarine (+ Gift Ideas)

Woman's hand with six different aquamarine rings on her fingers.

Aquamarine rings from Necker’s Jewelers

When looking for the perfect gift for people born in March, look no further than aquamarine! This gorgeous stone captivates with its striking light blue-green color and its association with water and the sea. Easy to care for and fairly difficult to damage, this gemstone is the perfect addition to your jewelry box.

9 Facts About Aquamarine That Will Have You Admiring This Gemstone Even More Than Before:

1. The word “aquamarine” is derived from the Latin words “aqua marina.”

According to Merriam-Webster, the word aquamarine comes from the Latin words “aqua marina,” which translate to “seawater” in English. This name perfectly matches aquamarine’s signature light blue-green color, the color of the sea. In fact, people have recognized this gemstone’s association with the sea throughout history. At one time, aquamarines were coveted by fisherman and sailors because it was speculated that possessing an aquamarine while traveling would protect the wearer from harm.

2. Aquamarine is a beryl mineral.

Beryl minerals are types of minerals that contain the elements beryllium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen. There are several different types of beryls, which come in a variety of colors. Emeralds, for example, are green, whereas morganites are pink.

3. Aquamarine’s characteristic light blue-green color is due to the presence of iron within this gemstone.

Beryl itself doesn’t have any color, however the presence of additional elements within a beryl mineral’s structure can cause it to become colored. For example, aquamarines appear to be light blue-green in color because they contain a significant amount of the element iron.

4. Aquamarines make great gifts for 19th wedding anniversaries.

When a couple celebrates their 19th wedding anniversary, traditionally aquamarine jewelry is given as an anniversary gift.

5. Aquamarine is Colorado’s state gemstone.

Did you know that some US states have state gemstones? Aquamarine is Colorado’s because of the large presence of this gemstone on Mount Antero.

6. You can easily clean your aquamarines at home using a soft brush and dish soap.

To clean your aquamarine jewelry, we recommend adding a small amount of mild dish soap to warm water. Then, scrub the stone with the soapy water using a soft bristled brush. Rinse your aquamarine with water and dry it using a soft cloth.

If you have access to an ultrasonic cleaner or steamer, these are also typically safe ways to clean this gemstone, as long as the stone is undamaged.

7. Aquamarines score a 7.5 to 8 out of 10 on the Mohs scale.

The Mohs scale was developed to label and rank minerals by their susceptibility to being scratched. Minerals that have a higher value on this scale can scratch minerals with a lower value. However, minerals with a lower value on the Mohs scale cannot scratch a mineral with a higher value. Ranking a 7.5 to 8 out of 10 indicates that aquamarines are fairly sturdy stones that are difficult to scratch. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t scratch or damage these stones. Therefore, like with all jewelry, it’s important to take care of your aquamarines.

8. Aquamarines are pleochroic.

When you look at some gemstones, like diamonds, they’ll appear as only one color, no matter the angle you’re looking at them at. Other gemstones, however, will appear to be multiple different colors when looked at from different angles. These gemstones are called pleochroic gemstones. Aquamarine, when found in its natural state, can appear to be different shades of blue and light blue-green when examined from several different angles.

9. Bloodstone is the alternative birthstone for the month of March.

Bloodstone is dark green and typically has reddish orange spots scattered throughout it. This gemstone, however, isn’t as popular of a birthstone as aquamarine.

Shopping for Aquamarine Jewelry at Necker’s Jewelers

We have a large selection of aquamarine jewelry available in our stores in DeWitt and Davenport, IA, and on our website.


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