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BriteCo Jewelry Insurance (Why We Love It & How to Get Insured)

Necker’s Jewelers is now offering appraisals, as well as jewelry and watch insurance, through BriteCo. BriteCo is a jewelry insurance company that offers extensive coverage and will cover your jewelry by up to 125% of the appraisal value. Appraising and insuring your jewelry at Necker’s Jewelers have never been faster and easier.

5 Reasons We Love BriteCo Jewelry Insurance

1. It’s Deductible-Free

2. It Covers Damaged, Lost, Stolen, and Mysteriously Disappeared Jewelry

It’s unusual for renters and home owners insurance plans to cover lost or mysteriously disappeared jewelry. BriteCo, however, covers your jewelry in those circumstances, in addition to covering damaged and stolen jewelry.

3. It Covers Some Jewelry Repairs

BriteCo covers repair services like fixing damaged prongs and earring posts and tightening loose stones.

4. It Doesn’t Affect Your Renters/Home Owners Insurance

Many people decide to cover their jewelry under their renters or home owners insurance, but this might not be the best idea if you ever need to file a claim because of lost, stolen, or damaged jewelry. Filing a claim on your jewelry under your renters or home owners insurance can raise your insurance rates. Filing a claim on your jewelry covered under BriteCo, however, won’t affect the rate of your renters or home owners insurance at all because it is a completely separate insurance company and plan.

5. BriteCo Sends You an Update Every Year on the Current Value of Your Jewelry

The cost of precious metals and gemstones is always changing, so the value of your jewelry will change over time as well. Once every year you’ll receive an updated appraisal for your jewelry from BriteCo.

While these are our favorite advantages of BriteCo, their jewelry insurance has many more benefits.

BriteCo insurance coverage compared to other online jewelry insurance, typical renters or home owners insurance, and typical jewelry warranties.

To learn more, you can visit BriteCo’s website.

Steps To Insure Your Jewelry Through BriteCo

1. Visit Us In Store at Necker’s Jewelers and Speak to One of Our Sales Associates

To get started, stop in our store in Davenport or DeWitt, IA and speak to one of our sales associates about BriteCo. When you stop in, make sure you have the piece of jewelry you want appraised and/or insured with you. We offer appraisals through BriteCo on jewelry that you’ve previously purchased from one of our locations or jewelry that you’ve had appraised before. If you’re bringing in jewelry that’s been appraised before, whether by us or another jeweler, please bring those appraisal documents in as well. This will speed up the time it takes for us to appraise your jewelry through BriteCo.

Once you’ve brought in your jewelry, we’ll fill out the appraisal information on BriteCo for the piece. Typically, it takes about 2 days for us to finish this appraisal once you’ve brought your jewelry in. This time does vary depending on the jewelry and whether or not you purchased your item through Necker’s Jewelers and have had it appraised before.

2. Receive Your Insurance Offer Via Text or Email

Once we’ve finished your appraisal and submitted it to BriteCo, they’ll send you a text or email with your appraisal information and your insurance quote.

3. Answer a Few Questions from BriteCo

If you decide to accept the insurance quote and want to finish insuring your jewelry, BriteCo will contact you to answer a few questions and see if you qualify for BriteCo insurance.

4. Your Jewelry Is Insured!

After you’ve answered the questions and BriteCo has determined that you qualify for insurance, you’re insured!

Please note that once we’ve finished your appraisal through BriteCo you must address all questions and concerns about your insurance with their company as Necker’s Jewelers is not involved in your insurance agreement with BriteCo.

Stop by our store in DeWitt or Davenport, IA to learn more. One of our sales associates will be happy to answer any questions you have about the process.

Want to have your jewelry appraised by our in-house gemologist? Stop by one of our locations to schedule your appraisal appointment.

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