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Permanent Jewelry at Necker’s Jewelers

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a piece of jewelry—a bracelet, anklet, or necklace—that you don’t take off. Unlike other pieces of jewelry, permanent jewelry has no clasp as it is welded together around your wrist, ankle, or neck.

Why Is Permanent Jewelry Popular?

Permanent jewelry doesn’t need to be clasped on and off every day. Instead, you’ll be constantly adorned with a gorgeous piece of jewelry without having to think about adding it to your outfit.

Permanent jewelry makes perfect friendship bracelets, can be used to mark a special occasion, or can symbolize something that is special to you. It is also incredibly customizable. You get to choose the chain and charms for your jewelry, making it unique and memorable.

Scheduling Your Appointment at Necker’s Jewelers

Getting permanent jewelry from Necker’s Jewelers is an easy process. All permanent jewelry appointments must be scheduled beforehand so we can make sure an expert is in the store to fit and weld your piece.

To schedule a permanent jewelry appointment, please email

What to Expect When Getting Permanent Jewelry at Necker’s Jewelers

When you come into the store for your appointment, you’re ready to start the process of getting your permanent jewelry:

1. Pick out your chain, or multiple chains for a stacked look

All of the permanent jewelry chains we have at Necker’s Jewelers are either 14 karat white or yellow gold. We have several chain styles and sizes for you to choose from, including paperclip, figaro, and open curb chains. The price of the chains we carry can vary anywhere from $20 to $30 per inch.

2. Measure your wrist, ankle, or neck

The next step of your permanent jewelry process is to determine what length of chain you will need. Many customers prefer to get permanent bracelets, so we will measure their wrist to determine how long the bracelet needs to be for a comfortable fit. This process is the same for anklets and necklaces. 

3. Solder the jewelry

After you pick out the chain you want and your wrist, ankle, or neck has been sized, we will weld your jewelry together. Welding your permanent jewelry is painless and won’t hurt your skin, however we do ask that you either wear protective glasses or turn away because this process produces a bright spark.

Permanent jewelry soldering at one of our pop-ups

4. Choose a charm, or charms, to personalize your jewelry

Next is the fun part: personalize your jewelry! We have several charm options in store for you to choose from, all in 14 karat white and yellow gold, at various price ranges. We also have a few charms with diamonds and other precious gemstones. Once you select a charm or charms, we will weld those onto your permanent jewelry chain.

We change our charm selections frequently. However, if you don’t see a charm that you like in store, or if you are looking for something specific, we may be able to order a charm that matches what you’re looking for.

Taking Care of Your Permanent Jewelry

To ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your permanent jewelry for as long as possible, be careful not to snag the jewelry on something or pull on it too forcefully. Doing so could cause the chain to stretch or break if enough force is applied. If you believe you have caught it on something, carefully pull your permanent jewelry chain with a “tug test”. This way, if it breaks loose in your hand, we can re-weld it on for you. We are not responsible for lost bracelets or charms.

We also recommend that you try to keep your permanent jewelry out of heavily chlorinated hot tubs and pools. This is because chlorine can cause gold to deteriorate, which may make your bracelet more fragile and can increase the likelihood that it will break.

To clean your permanent jewelry, use warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush and gently scrub the chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I schedule my permanent jewelry appointment?


2. What should I do if my permanent jewelry breaks?

Email us at and we would be happy to set up an appointment for you to come into the store to have your jewelry rewelded. We do not accept any walk-ins.  Currently, rewelding permanent jewelry that was purchased from our store is free.

Please note that we are not responsible for broken or lost permanent jewelry chains or charms.

3. Do you replace, refund, or discount broken or lost chains and charms?

Unfortunately, we are unable to replace, refund, or discount broken or lost permanent jewelry. This is because factors that increase the likelihood that a charm or chain will break, like the wearer’s lifestyle and job, are out of our control.

Currently, however, we do reweld permanent jewelry bought from Necker’s Jewelers for free.

4. What if I need to take off my permanent bracelet?

There are a variety of reasons you may want to temporarily take off your permanent jewelry, including for medical procedures. Simply cut the chain off carefully with kitchen scissors, a nail clipper, or come into Necker’s Jewelers for assistance.

To have your jewelry rewelded, please email  

5. How much will my permanent jewelry cost?

The cost of permanent jewelry varies based on the type of chain that you choose, whether you would like to add charms, as well as the length of the chain you desire. On average, for just a chain without charms, the price is $169. The price of charms varies, but they start at $35.

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