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Shape Size Cut Color Clarity Lab
Marquise 0.46 N/A D I1 GIA
Pear 0.65 N/A O SI1 GIA
Princess 0.64 N/A J I2 GIA
Marquise 0.42 N/A D SI2 GIA
Round 0.54 Good G I2 GIA
Marquise 0.41 N/A J SI1 GIA
Round 0.50 Good F I1 GIA
Heart 0.54 N/A G I1 GIA
Marquise 0.48 N/A I VS1 GIA
Pear 0.50 N/A G I2 GIA
Princess 0.55 N/A H I2 GIA
Marquise 0.52 N/A H SI1 GIA
Pear 0.40 N/A H SI1 GIA
Marquise 0.50 N/A D I1 GIA
Oval 0.42 N/A I VS2 GIA
Oval 0.55 N/A H I2 GIA
Princess 0.88 N/A S I1 GIA
Cushion 0.51 N/A K VS2 GIA
Oval 0.42 N/A E SI2 GIA
Princess 0.74 N/A L I1 GIA
Round 0.44 Excellent K SI1 GIA
Oval 0.40 N/A D SI1 GIA
Oval 0.50 N/A K SI1 GIA
Oval 0.50 N/A K SI1 GIA
Princess 0.56 N/A E I1 GIA
Marquise 0.52 N/A F I1 GIA
Round 0.41 Good E I1 GIA
Marquise 0.53 N/A F I1 GIA
Marquise 0.65 N/A H I1 GIA
Radiant 0.50 N/A G SI2 EGL
Pear 0.59 N/A G I2 GIA
Radiant 0.50 N/A E I2 GIA
Pear 0.57 N/A F SI2 GIA
Round 0.41 Excellent E I1 GIA
Round 0.41 Excellent J SI1 GIA
Round 0.42 Excellent J SI2 GIA
Oval 0.50 N/A K SI1 GIA
Marquise 0.55 N/A H SI2 GIA
Oval 0.50 N/A K VS2 GIA
Oval 0.50 N/A K VS2 GIA
Princess 0.51 N/A H VS1 GIA
Princess 0.50 N/A H SI2 GIA
Round 0.50 Excellent G I1 GIA
Round 0.56 Good L SI1 GIA
Marquise 0.45 N/A I VS2 GIA
Oval 0.51 N/A J SI2 GIA
Oval 0.50 N/A K VS2 GIA
Radiant 0.49 N/A G VS2 GIA
Round 0.50 Excellent K I1 GIA
Cushion 0.55 N/A J VS2 GIA
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